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Outstanding Translation and Beyond

Not only wireless Bluetooth earphones, but also a translation machine

product features

6 Highlights to Satisfy Your Demands

Simultaneous translation
between 30+ languages

Innovative design featuring
earphones + translation stick

Bluetooth 5.0

CD equivalent sound quality

24h battery life

In-ear detection

should be comfortable
Simultaneous Translation for Efficient Communication
Industry leading translation engine and billion-level precise corpus data on the cloud
Accurate and efficient simultaneous translation between 30+
languages, farewell to the complicated access to intelligent
translation products


Innovative Interaction to Avoid First Acquaintance Embarrassment

True wireless
more Freedom

Wireless Smoothness for Premium Experience
High-end Qualcomm chip with Bluetooth 5.0 technology
More flexibility without wire More stability in connection and signal transmission More
smooth gaming with super-low delay More satisfaction with in-ear detection

Pure sound quality,
understand your pursuit

Transform Listening of Every Second into Enjoyment

Perfect sound quality ensured by APT-X algorithm and CVC noise reduction technology

Super Long Standby
cast off power anxiety

Small Size Strong Power

24h endurable battery life, small in size yet strong in power
Up to 24h ultra-long stand-by backed by the charging case, up to 6h single call/music duration
Up to 5h single translation duration
* Data from JoveTrans laboratory

Ergonomic design

Considerate Design with Caring Details

Well-designed in-ear angle and ear canal fit
Well-designed in-ear angle and ear canal fit complemented by IR in-ear detection and intelligent control deliver stability and comfort,
waving goodbye to complicated button-pushing operations and enjoying sheer ease and simplicity.

Choice of Two
Classic Colors

Classic Coloring for Stylish Colors

Pearl white and business black to offer dual choices for your trendy life

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Standard Accessories

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